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Hello, I’m Sally Underwood, and I’m the owner and founder of UB Academy.
I have been a midwife for absolutely years and I love it! I love supporting women who are pregnant, delivering babies and the rest!
I wanted to create an area where all the information was in one place, where I could share my expertise and help women then they need it most.




We offer incredible courses to make you feel empowered and confident about your pregnancy, birth and journey into motherhood.

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Topic: Pregnancy, birth & beyond

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If you would feel more confident notifying Sally that you will be coming, please feel free to email her in advance: underwood.babyacademy@outlook.com

Midwifery Support

Advice and help from qualified & experienced midwives for when you need it most. Regular opportunities to discuss in person any pregnancy/parenting concerns.​

This is a video from Global Health, about breastfeeding:

The videos are incredible and can be watched easily on a phone at any time; they can be enjoyed by midwives and women alike.
If someone is being induced or has a spare 10 minutes for any other reason, it may just get the oxytocin flowing and they will certainly learn something.

Sally has written this special article exclusively for our members:

Special article from Sally Underwood - first 6 weeks

Conduct of the puerperium: Life at home after birth – your first 6 weeks with the baby

Mindfulness Resource from Katherine Graves

Special Mindfulness Video, from Katherine Graves – 15 mins of relaxation

Midwifery Support - Birth Planning

Advice and help from qualified & experienced midwives for when you need it most. Here, Sally has written background information about birth planning.

Sally offers one-to-one birth planning. Please get in touch if this is something you would like help with.

Mindful Relaxation Video

Here is your specially created relaxation video, to help you relax and unwind and help remove stress. 

Let us know how it goes, enjoy x

Breastfeeding Drop In Sessions, Facebook Private Group Access, including specialist lactation group access

We will send you on email with lots of information and links about breastfeeding and lactation, plus access to videos created just for us for you. You have access to a private breastefeeding support group ran by Lactation specialist Lucy Ruddle. Please ask us for the access code to this group.

Information Gathering- KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

The following websites, authors and national bodies are great for gathering information so that you can use up-to-date and credible research, statistics and data to guide your decision making process to ensure you can make the decisions that feel right for you and your baby.

Always start with your caregivers, your midwife, your obstetrician or the team that are caring for you. Sometimes they will have outlined your choices, but you will feel you need another or outside opinion to help you decide what is best for you.

  1. Consultant Midwife within your own hospital.
  2. An independent midwife who is working outside of your hospital.
  3. Midwifethinking.com – Rachel Reed is midwife with a PHD who has worked within the UK and Australia.
  4. aims.org.uk – great books and online support.
  5. sarahwickham.com – a midwife who has written the most amazing books and has pulled together the most up to date guidance in an easy to read/understand format for pregnant women.
  6. Sarah Buckley – a wonderful GP working in Australia who again is a font of knowledge related to new evidence and how to use it to make decisions.
  7. evidencedbasedbirth.com – Rebecca Decker who is a PHD student, covers all elements of pregnancy and birth and has completed lots of work related to pregnancy women who are felt to be older.
  8. microbirth.com – covers the wonder of the microbiome
  9. NICE guidance has a selection of guidance that are used by hospitals to base their policies and procedures on.
  10. Milli Hill – The Positive Birth Book
  11. Birthing your placenta
  12. Why Homebirth Matters – Natalie Meddings
  13. Why Oxytocin Matters – Kerstin Uvnas Moberg
  14. Why Hypnobirthing Matters – Katrina Berry
  15. Why Caesarean Matters – Clare Goggin
  16. Why Induction Matters – Rachel Reed
  17. What’s right for me – Dr. Sara Wickham
  18. Inducing Labour – Dr. Sara Wickham
  19. Caesarean Birth, your questions answered – Debbie Derrick, Gina Lowden, Fiona Barlow


We all need reassurance sometimes, especially when we hear so many horror stories!

Laura writes a frank account of her experience with the birth of her third child – don’t worry it a positive one!

If you have a positive birth story that you would like to share with us please send it to us, so that we can publish it – we would love to make a collection of amazing stories for other pregnant women to read to help them on their journey. x