Positive Birth

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Ana, Chris and Alice; Our Birth Story I was 40 weeks when my midwife offered me a sweep… I was nervous about saying yes to it but she reassured me that she would only do it if my cervix was favourable. At 40 weeks + 6 I woke up and went for a long walk with my dog and my neighbour who was also pregnant at the time. Afterwards, I went for my appointment and my midwife performed the sweep – the … Read More

Induction….feel INFORMED and EMPOWERED.

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Written by midwife Julie Watson (UB Academy) There are lots of famous quotes about labour and birth but few related to the impact induction can have on that process. Many moons ago when I thought I knew so much about labour and birth (but in reality I had so much more to experience and learn), i read how Mary Cronk compared labour and its amazing intricacies to a synchronised swimming team; in-tune and utterly wonderful. She said that induction of … Read More

Amazingly Able

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A beautiful description of how incredible the female body is, so you know that all the magic you need is within you. Written for you by midwife Julie Watson (UB Academy) Our bodies are truly amazing, we have evolved to support and facilitate the wonder that is birth. Women who have chosen the Underwood Baby Academy to support them through pregnancy, birth and beyond will very often question their own ability to birth. How will I know what to do? … Read More