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Positive Birth

Ana, Chris and Alice; Our Birth Story I was 40 weeks when my midwife offered me a sweep… I was nervous about saying yes to

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Written by midwife Sally Underwood Having an Epidural – although not planned – can still be POSITIVE. I believe that childbirth can be an empowering

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birth planning

Birth Planning

Planning birth – The birth of your baby should be a wonderful, life-changing experience for you and for your family. It is a time of

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Alcohol and Pregnancy

A midwife’s point of view, by Sally Underwood Harsh habit – Cheers – or NOT? Alcohol and pregnancy really do not mix. Advice from the

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Written by midwife Julie Watson (UB Academy) It’s the day you’ve been waiting for, your surges have started and you are excited and nervous in

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Due Date Dilema

By Julie Watson (UB Academy) I’m going to start at the beginning with the date all pregnant mums want to know and countdown to….their ‘Due

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Amazingly Able

A beautiful description of how incredible the female body is, so you know that all the magic you need is within you. Written for you

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Hypnobirthing Royally

This weekend has been full of news about Kate Middleton using Hypnobirthing during her three labours. Much of the coverage has been marvellous, after all

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Perineal Massage, yes or no?

Us women would all be lying if we said we were not worried about vaginal tears and or an episiotomy. Interestingly the New York Times

Statements for an Empowering Birth

I move gently forward through my pregnancy and labour with confidence and trust. I see my baby’s birth as natural, healthy, swift and easy. I