Weekly support group with Midwives Sally and Sue. A chance to weigh your baby, discuss feeding, sleeping, general mothering and well being. A lovely ‘social’ opportunity to meet other local mamas and babes, as well as get advice and support. Tea/Coffee and cake/biscuits included.

This will be a weekly pay as you go event, rather than paying for a course. Places will be limited due to covid so if you come to first session and would like to re book then we may introduce short courses so you are guaranteed a place.

Each week we will have different topics, for example guest speaker regarding ‘Baby wearing/Sling choices, as well as Sleep Consultant, Mindfulness and wellbeing, personal stylist to talk about dressing as new mum etc. Lots of cool stuff for you all!

Mother Nurture will re-start from 27th August and will be held every Friday morning at 11am for 6 weeks. Come and join us for a hot cuppa and a chit-chat.