UB ACADEMY Antenatal & Postnatal Classes

Antenatal Hypnobirthing Course

Our best-selling midwife-led course will provide you with a comprehensive approach to pregnancy, birth & labour in a practical, social & modern way. We will help you feel in control of your birth choices for a positive, confident & calm experience.

Beyond the

You are about to become a parent! So many emotions of love & happiness, but also you’re overwhelmed, tired, anxious, & unconfident. Book your place to be prepared for those early days with your baby.

Mamma &

Here at UB Academy, we are all about mothering the mother. Postpartum is an incredibly important time to do just this. Come and join our postnatal yoga class to nature your body following birth, whilst safely exercising. Your little bundle will also get to enjoy baby yoga and you will both leave the class feeling the benefits.


Weekly support group with Midwives Sally and Sue. A chance to weigh your baby, discuss feeding, sleeping, general mothering and well being. A lovely 'social' opportunity to meet other local mamas and babes, as well as get advice and support. Tea/Coffee and cake/biscuits included, as well as a 30 minute Baby Music Class with Holly from Little Bears Music.


Come & join our popular Yoga class! A wonderful, valuable asset for your pregnancy. It will provide you with a safe & comfortable way to keep active as your body changes & your baby grows.


Bring your new little bundle to our nurturing 5-week course run by paediatric nurse Laura. You will learn gentle massage routines which will benefit you and your baby in so many ways.
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you're pregnant!

Congratulations! What a journey it must feel like already! You’ve probably been to your appointments by now & have seen your NHS midwives, told friends & family, but you’re still feeling in need of more support.

This is where UB Academy is here to help.

UB Academy offers you free midwifery support, with our courses, where you can chat to a midwife and to other mums.

Our courses & classes:
Antenatal Hypnobirthing
Pregnancy yoga
4th Trimester
Baby Massage
Beyond the Bump
Plus discounts with our affiliated partners who offer breastfeeding, fitness, First Aid, and more.

Expertise from midwives will help you to feel more supported and confident as they guide you through these new life experiences. 

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  • You might be pregnant for the first time and looking for practical information and emotional support from professionals who will really get to know you and your partner. 
  • Or this may be your second or third pregnancy and you’d like to improve upon the experience you had the previous time, and would like a lot more support.
  • We are very aware of mental health issues suffered by new mothers whether it being their first baby of fifth! Your mental health can be affected at any stage in your life and we would like to be there to support you through this huge life transition.
  •  You would like to meet other mums who are due around your same due date and share your pregnancy journey with new friends.
  • The Underwood Baby Academy, is based in Surrey, so ideally its best to be living nearby so it’s easier for you to get to classes and be near new friends.

Positive Birth

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