Pregnancy Yoga

Face to face pregancy yoga is back, in Farnham from 18th May. Goodbye online Zoom Yoga, Hello Studio! 

We really believe that you will find pregnancy yoga a wonderful and valuable asset to your pregnancy. This class will provide you with safe ways to keep active as your body changes and your baby grows to keep you as comfortable as possible.

UB Academy pregnancy yoga provides you with poses and movements to help strengthen, lengthen, stretch, and create space in your body to help with any aches or pains.

As well as breathing techniques, relaxation, and discussion time to help you understand your pregnant body, reduce anxiety, relieve stress, and help you feel READY.

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Pregnancy Yoga FAQs

If you are considered to have a low-risk pregnancy or haven’t been advised otherwise by a medical professional, you can start pregnancy yoga at any point in your pregnancy. Most women tend to start after their 12 week scan, as usually, that’s the time the secrets out! Equally, if you are nearing the end of your pregnancy you can still start. Yoga is beneficial for all trimesters.

Not at all! No experience is required. Yoga in pregnancy has the same benefits to experienced yogis and also women who have no yoga experience. We are non-judgemental and always welcoming. Many women who attend our pregnancy yoga classes had never practiced yoga prior to joining us.

Not at all. We say come with an open mind. Motherhood involves lots of changes in your life, especially when you have a newborn baby. Starting to learn to let go and adapt to these changes during pregnancy will help you hugely in the long run. Learning a new style of yoga for your changing body will help you prepare for your birth as well as keep you moving, not to mention other mums to be you will meet. The support is invaluable. 

Each sessions lasts an hour. 

The beginning of class we like to have a short discussion getting know each other, sharing your gestation with the group and any pregnancy ailments or concerns, perhaps share an exciting milestone like gender reveal or first kicks.

The yoga will last about 45 minutes, it will be gentle and easy to follow, always providing adaptations for different stages of your pregnancy. At the end of each class…and the best bit…is a lovely guided relaxation, lasting 10-15minutes. Your chance to release, soften and relax.

You can buy class packs on our website for 6 weeks or pay-as-you-go option available too. Your first class is free….so no excuse not to give it a try!

Yes you can! As long as your health professional gives the go-ahead, then please come! PGP can be so uncomfortable, yoga will help to strengthen and stabilise the pelvis, which will help to ease some symptoms. During the class we always advise suitable adaptions for PGP sufferers so make sure you let us know so we can help you.




  • All classes MUST be booked and paid for in advance – no drop ins
  • Online bookings only.
  • To allow for appropriate distancing, there will be reduced capacity in all classes, so please book early to avoid disappointment.
  • Group classes numbers: At present, based on the size of the venue we will be using, group classes will be limited to 8 women. Guidelines are changing al the time…so pease bare with us!
  • There are not many Pregnancy classes running face to face, so demand is high. Therefore, booking for the entire 6 weeks is required to secure your spot. If you cannot make it one week, you will not miss out, and your spot will not be taken by anyone else. These classes adhere to Covid19/Government regulations.
  • Price: £72 for 6 weeks. Although the course pack guarantees your place, unfortunately missed classes and transfers to the next block of classes is not possible, and refunds cannot be given.


  • Completion of a COVID-19 Declaration Form is a requirement of attendance at each class: 24 hours before your class you will receive an email inviting you to complete yours online – please complete and submit before arrival at the studio.
  • All details about data storage and use are included on the form.


  • Hand Sanitisation: Use of hand sanitiser gel (70% alcohol) provided by the venue is required upon entry into the teaching room and after the class.
  • Please where a mask until you are seated on your mat.
  • The Studio have set up their own risk management procedures with regards to cleaning, access routes to teaching spaces, toilets, ventilation, etc.  These measures include: regular ventilation of the studio, regular cleaning of the studio, toilets and sanitisation of high-touch surfaces between each class. The studio is allowing 30minutes in between each class for cleaning. This ensures that the studio and all touch points will be clean ready fo your arrival.


  • All students must use their own equipment including a mat. Mats are for sale from Laura for £20. Please email her if you would like one bringing to the class.  Please clean your equipment at home.
  • Please bring the minimum you need for your class – arrive ready.
  • Any items you must bring which are not required for practice must be left in one of the clearly identified designated areas in a plastic bag (please bring your own from home).
  • Please ensure that phones are turned OFF.
  • No responsibility can be accepted by UB Academy for the loss or damage of any items.


  • Doors will only open 5 minutes before each class. Please wait outside if early, maintaining social distance as appropriate.
  • Please use the hand sanitiser provided as you enter.
  • Remove shoes etc and place in plastic bag (from home) and put onto shelving unit.
  • Mat spaces are clearly defined with tape, please fill up the spaces at the back first.
  • Once your mat is placed, this is your space. Please avoid moving around the studio.


  • For now toilet facilities within the building remain open. Please wear your mask if you need to use the bathroom.


  • At the end of the class, please stay on your mat until the teacher directs you to leave and then leave one at a time, via the bak doors in the studio, via the garden. This allows for the one way system to flow.
  • Please use hand sanitiser again as you leave.
  • Thorough cleaning needs to take place between classes, please be mindful of this and leave swiftly
  • DO NOT clean your mat at the studio, please do so at home.


  • Please take extra care to take all belongings (including empty water bottles!) home with you at the end of the class.


  • All details about data storage and use will be included on the form.
  • Please inform your teacher of any changes in health before class begins.

Unwell? Stay Home: If you are exhibiting any symptoms such as fever, coughing, sneezing, or congestion, have any chronic respiratory conditions or have been exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last 14 days, please stay home and rest.