The Dad's Group

Congratulations you are going to be a new dad!
You may be feeling a mixture of emotions about this news. It is a massive life-changing thing and really does need you to focus. You will hopefully be really excited and happy but you may not. You may be feeling unsure and overwhelmed as you anticipate your huge new daddy role.

Perhaps you have been planning for a baby and you are ready for whatever fatherhood brings. Then again, maybe the news of a baby has come as a complete shock and you are feeling terrified or confused. If the latter is true – you need to understand that there is help around. Having a baby today poses a whole array of new emotions for partners. Back in the day, dads were very much kept away from the whole
pregnancy thing. Childbirth was a ‘woman’s condition’ and men were certainly not present during labour or involved in any kind of discussions involving periods, nipples or one’s perineum. As a new dad, you will be expected to speak about it all and more – you will probably need to become very much involved with women’s bits and be adept in purchasing sanitary pads too!

Our Dad's drop in

It is generally considered good to talk. At the UB academy dads drop in, we give you the opportunity to do just that. You will have time to discuss your concerns, any issues and prepare yourself for parenthood. You will have the opportunity to interact with other new dads/partners so that you can think positively about your baby and become involved.  

How do become a good dad?

Research shows that the amount of work a father/partner puts into bonding with their baby before it is born makes a huge difference to their relationship. Learning about pregnancy, childbirth and the changes which occur can be useful. Therefore, within our antenatal and hypnobirthing programme partners are encouraged as we understand their role is pivotal.   

Can you train to be the best dad you can be?

You may decide to read some articles or books. Perhaps even look at attending a parenting course. Or maybe watch some videos about being a dad. Chatting stuff through with your partner can help you plan what type of dad you’d like to be too. Our UBA dads/partners drop-in sessions at the NBS offer a safe environment for you to be together with other like minders partners to interact together and learn.  

Do I come before my baby is born or afterwards?

We encourage both. Some new dads like to attend the group during pregnancy whereas others need to take a bit of time out following birth to discuss an issue. You may decide to talk with colleagues who are already dads, or maybe you’re the first when it comes to fatherhood! Becoming a parent can cause mental strain in fathers as well as mothers and getting into the habit of talking to others is a great technique for helping you cope. You are embarking on a new stage of life with new responsibilities and new opportunities. No doubt, there will be good times and bad, laughter and tears. You may not feel as if you have enough time to think especially when your baby arrives, but we can help you plan some simple techniques/coping skills to help prepare for all, that lies ahead.

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