Baby massage

Come and join our nurturing 5 week course designed for you and your new little bundle. The course is held at the beautiful Garden Gallery, Farnham Museum, every Tuesday with Laura.

Next 5 week course starts 1st June. Email to book your place today!

You will learn gentle massage routines which can benefit your baby in many ways. such as improve your baby’s quality of sleep, reduce wind and ease colic symptoms. Massage increases the bond with your baby and gives you further confidence in handling your baby. Laura who runs our baby massage classes is a paediatric nurse with years of experience of all the common baby ailments so she has some great tips and knowledge to share with you. The classes will be non-judgemental and we always have a discussion time to provide you with the chance to ask any questions and make friends. The start of parenthood can be daunting, hard and exhausting, but by joining a class of other like minded parents in the same situation as you can be a lifeline. Support is everything so come and enjoy.

frequently asked questions

We suggest waiting until your baby is 6-8 weeks of age and you have both had and your 6 week check with GP.

There are so many benefits to baby massage, for both you and your baby. 

Massage encourages physical contact with your baby, providing you with greater confidence to touch your baby, learning about their body. Bonding and attachment is a vital part of a babies development and this lovely class is the perfect opportunity to focus on that.

You will be with like-minded parents and have the opportunity to chat, moan, laugh, cry and ask questions. Don’t forget our baby massage course is taught by Laura who is a paediatric nurse, so she has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to babies!!

Benefits of baby massage include…

  • Relieves symptoms of colic & constipation
  • Promotes attachment & bonding
  • Improves sleep and relaxation 
  • Body and brain development 
  • Demonstrates love
  • Chance to meet other mums 
  • Strengthening for crawling/sitting/walking
  • Can help with teething pains
  • Chance to ask questions about your baby and routines etc.

DO NOT WORRY!!!! All babies cry at some point in the day, some more than others. A Baby Massage class is no exception! It doesn’t matter if your baby cries, you can feed or soothe, or stand up and rock your baby, whatever is best for you both. You will learn various holds, tips and tricks to help calm your baby. However you will find that the calming nature of the class will hopefully help too. Babies do tend to be quite settled during the massage, it really is a lovely class.

We recommend using an oil which is very gentle on your baby’s skin and has no fragrance. Current research shows Grapeseed Oil is the safest to use for baby massage. You can also use an organic coconut oil if you wish. Please try a very small amount on your baby’s skin a few days before your first class to ensure your baby doesn’t react to the oil. If you have any further questions about which oil to get please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Yes of course!!!! You only need to purchase one course, you can bring your babies just on your own, massaging different areas of their body each week. Or you could massage one baby one week, and then swap the following week. Alternatively you can bring an extra pair of hands to help… perhaps Daddy, or Granny? 

If your baby falls asleep, or maybe even comes to the class asleep, we recommend not to massage. This doesn’t mean you can’t take part! We have dolls you can practice on so you are still learning the techniques. Alternatively, you can just sit back and relax and listen to the instruction, have a look at the manual, and enjoy the mum chitter chatter and question time.