Beyond the bump

Becoming a new parent is an incredibly exciting experience but you do need to plan for it – otherwise, it can become overwhelming.

Join us for our newborn care workshop, helping you to prepare for your 4th Trimester.

Your baby’s 4th trimester starts at birth and goes on until your baby reaches 12 weeks of age. The term is used to describe a period of great change and development in your newborn bundle – as they adjust to life outside of the womb. It will also be a time of great change and development for you and your partner too – believe me – having your baby to care for outside the womb does present a huge challenge!

Beyond The Bump workshop is designed to give you evidence-based, realistic information to help you both manage. After the birth of your baby you will possibly feel as though you are on a continuous ‘night flight’ for the first few weeks and find it difficult to maintain any type of routine/schedule. It is important to be kind to yourselves and try to take your days one day at a time.

Face to Face Classes

Our small group, 2 hour course is held in Virginia Water - refreshments provided.

£60 per couple

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Virtual Classes

Enjoy this 2 hour course from the comfort of your own sofa! 

£45 per couple

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Want to know more?

Our classes give you practical advice to support your early parenting skills so that you and your partner gain the confidence you need to embrace your parenthood journey positively. We cover –

Getting to know your new baby – including moulding, vernix, jaundice, umbilical cord care, nappies and everything – wee and poo too!

The 24 hour clock

Safe sleeping

Your post-natal body changes and lochia etc

Clothing, temp, equipment, and slingsGuthrie test and vaccines

Feeding – access to FB feeding group and bespoke lactation support package on line (videos) to refer to.

Dad’s role and visitors

Emotions after birth….