Baby Yoga

Classes will be face to face for 45mins at the Natural Baby Shower, Surrey, from 11.15am-12noon. Starting 2nd November 2020. Book today!

Your little bundle will love this fun, stimulating baby yoga class. Full of energy and gentle movements to support your baby’s development and growth. Baby Yoga will make you feel good too!  



Baby Yoga:

Baby yoga is taught by Laura, who many of you will have met during pregnancy yoga. Not only is Laura a pediatric nurse, but she also teaches baby massage too so has heaps of experience when it comes to baby classes.

Baby Yoga for your babies health: 

Yoga for your baby positively promotes your baby’s health and wellbeing using a variety of fun poses, stretches, and positions. These will improve your baby’s flexibility and muscle tone and develop their coordination. The classes are full of songs and fun techniques that can easily be integrated into your day to day life, as well as give you practical tips and guidance to help those early months with your growing baby. 

During this active class you will gain a better awareness of our baby’s body by moving them in a controlled way, enable their own body exploration to begin!  yoga will help to develop your baby’s coordination and rhythm, as well as head and neck strengthening with tummy time activities, as well as core building sequences to prepare for sitting. Like baby massage, yoga also improves your baby’s sleeping patterns, as well as relieve colic/constipation/wind symptoms.

When to join a baby yoga class:

We recommend joining baby yoga when your baby is 2-3 months of age onwards and follows on from the Baby massage course very nicely. Once your baby is on the move, yoga does become a little bit trickier as your baby will be hard to catch!!! But yoga can usually be enjoyed for many months!

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We also have 4th Trimester classes which help you manage once your baby arrives 🙂 

If you are feeling overwhelmed and would like to speak to an expert midwife, maybe consider joining our membership for weekly chats with a midwife and much more for your mental health and well-being. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who cares! You don’t need any experience, baby yoga is a fun interactive class for your baby, come and give it a try!

We recommend starting baby yoga following on from baby massage. Having said that, baby massage is not essential. You can join baby yoga from 8 weeks onwards, but around 3-4 months is a great engaging age for some of the poses!

 DO NOT WORRY!!!! All babies cry at some point in the day, some more than others. A Baby yoga class is no exception! It doesn’t matter if your baby cries, you can feed or soothe, or stand up and rock your baby, whatever is best for you both. You will learn various holds, tips and tricks to help calm your baby. However, you will find that the fun engaging class doesn’t leave much time for tears!

Just you, your baby and your usual baby bag, nappies/milk etc. Maybe a favourite toy and a drink for you. You don’t need any fancy props, just some energy and your best singing voice… to help drown mine out, Ha!


Yes of course!!!! You only need to purchase one course, you can bring your babies just on your own, practicing different movements of each of their bodies. Or you could take turns, one baby one week, and then swap the following week, we are sure if one of your babies was just watching that they would still enjoy the stimulation from the class. Alternatively, you can bring an extra pair of hands to help… perhaps Daddy, or Granny? 

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