About Us

The Underwood Baby Academy (UB Academy) was established in 2019 by Sally Underwood, an experienced midwife for 25 years. She saw that women needed more support and care during their pregnancies and early motherhood. She started UB Academy to create this much needed support community.


Sally Underwood

RM BA Hons DipHb (KGH)            

I am an experienced midwife, currently working within a leading London NHS Trust as a midwifery matron having trained as a registered nurse in 1979 and then as a midwife in 1984. 

I launched the UB Academy in 2019 after feeling that expected mothers needed more support beyond their appointments with doctors and midwives. I wanted to offer women more; the complete  lifestyle package, to make women’s journey into motherhood the best they can be. I’ve had 6 children so I know first hand how important this can be!

So I’m  so excited about what we offer for our members and how this can benefit not only the mother but also her partner and their baby.  

I really want women to recognise how empowering pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood can be and give them everything together in one lifestyle package, which includes, socialising, learning, exercising, and of course photo shoots!

I’m really look forward to meeting you, your birth partner and your new family. It’s such an exciting time of your life and we want to make sure it’s the best it can be.

Best wishes,


Sally Underwood
UB Academy Founder

Founder // owner

Laura Daykin

(RN Child DipHe)


I am a paediatric nurse, I qualified in 2008 and I have been lucky enough to work at Great Ormond Street hospital for the majority of my career, recently transferring to my local hospital to be closer to home. I have also worked on a neonatal unit, alongside midwives so have experience in all age ranges….. basically kids are my thing! I absolutely love my job and feel very privileged to look after children in an acute setting.

I am also fortunate to have 3 wonderful children of my own……. busy and bonkers….. but a whole lot of fun! It was during my first pregnancy that I discovered a true passion for yoga.

I practiced yoga regularly throughout all of my pregnancies, as well as beyond those times, and found it so beneficial to me that I wanted to be able to help other women. I therefore completed my pregnancy yoga training at YogaMama in Putney. I am also now qualified in postnatal yoga, as well as Baby Massage and Baby Yoga.

My own pregnancies were all rather “normal” and my babies were all born at home, which was of course was special to me and my family, however all births are just as special, whether they are in a pool, a bed, in a midwifery led unit, a cesarean or in the car park; humming, shouting, singing or swearing! Whatever the weather we will have your back…It takes a village and we want to share this journey with you.

Pregnancy and parenthood are magical journeys. It can be exhausting, emotional, hard work, painful, scary and lonely but there is true magic to be found in every day. If we can help you to find some calm in the melee and provide you with adequate preparation and support then we are already on the path to achieving great things together.

Really look forward to meeting you, 


Susan Mullock

Support Midwife

I have been a midwife for the longest time and was a labour ward sister back in 1984 – when Sally was a student midwife.  I spent many years on the community – attending home births which I loved. I am a firm believer of the benefits of relaxation and hypnobirthing and would so like to see midwifery trends returning to how they were. We need to reduce the caesarean section rate today and I think the best way to achieve this is to recognise that women need continuity of care and to have confidence in their bodies. I have now retired from the hospital but keep myself busy with my 2 grandchildren and practising alternative therapies – including reflexology and massage. I have a wealth of midwifery knowledge and am passionate about breast feeding. I will be working alongside Sally, supporting you with feeding and advice during the UB Academy ‘Mother Nurture’ sessions on a Friday in Farnham.

Janet Cooper

Support Midwife

I have been a midwife for over ten years and before that I was a nurse. I love my role and think that I still learn something new, every day. Supporting a woman and her partner to believe in her incredible body’s ability, to grow and birth her baby is a privilege, which I feel part of.

I am quite a pragmatic, older, Scottish woman but the experience of being ‘with woman’ (the meaning of midwife), never ceases to amaze me in witnessing their power, courage and love.

I work clinically as a midwife, as well as being part of the UB academy. I will be running some of the midwife led support sessions on Friday mornings in Farnham with Sally and Sue and look forward to meeting you soon.