Exciting news! Our Pregnancy Yoga is coming to Farnham

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Those of you who have been with us for the long haul will know that my mum Sally and I launched Underwood Baby Academy nearly one year ago! We are passionate about increasing the support available for pregnancy, birth and beyond. Being with women and families on such a huge life adventure is truly magical, knowing we are making a difference, providing knowledge and power to many. But long before this business adventure with Mum, I fell in love with pregnancy yoga.

I was pregnant with my first baby and much to everyones surprise back then, including my mums, i was planning a homebirth. I began focusing on everything and anything that could help me prepare and cope for my first labour at home.

One of which was pregnancy yoga.

After attending my first class I was hooked! I absolutely loved the way it made me connect with my pregnant body and my baby, moving in a flowing gentle way and the breath…oh the breath! The tools i learnt during pregnancy yoga definitely helped me birth my baby at home.

Fast forward to my second pregnancy and i had just completed my prenatal yoga teacher training. Yes! I loved pregnancy yoga so much i knew i wanted to teach it myself and provide the nurturing experience and birth education for pregnant women to enjoy as much as i did. My nursing career was a huge benefit during the training and by the end i knew i had made the right choice and followed my dream!

Whizz along a few more years and we are slap bang in the middle of a pandemic,  all feeling isolated, scared and anxious…but each week setting up my laptop, my mat, my zen and providing pregnancy yoga classes live on zoom to our wonderful UB Academy members. Sure it wasn’t the same as teaching face to face, but still being able to provide an antenatal class which held so many benefits to our members made my heart sing. Moving together on the screen, breathing, stretching, flowing, talking, learning, laughing and relaxing. The lockdown for pregnant women during coronavirus was scary and strange, but connecting with each other and still being able to practice yoga together is definitely a time in all our lives im sure we won’t forget.

Which brings me on to the current chapter… starting back our face to face pregnancy classes but now in Farnham, Surrey. I am pretty buzzed about this because its where i live, so logistically its better for me with my tribe of three babes, but more importantly its the community spirit that this little town holds. I can’t wait to teach pregnancy yoga to all the lovely pregnant mamas at The Studio in Farnham, where i once attended pregnancy yoga classes myself. So if you live locally come and get involved, give it a whirl…you won’t regret it!

Even if you have never stepped foot on a yoga mat before, come and feel the benefits for your prenatal body. Pregnancy yoga classes will provide you with a safe and supportive way to move your changing body, working WITH you as you grow and change. 

UB Academy pregnancy yoga will help to relieve the physical demands pregnancy has on your body, easing tension and releasing stress. You will learn breathing techniques which are invaluable for your labour, but also will help your pregnancy and even help to keep you calm once you’ve had your baby. 

Pregnancy yoga is so much more than exercise. By preparing yourself physically and mentally for labour and birth you will feel empowered and excited. Allowing yourself to connect with your own confidence, your own belief in yourself. Yep that’s right, you’ve got this Mama!

Yoga for pregnancy also allows you time to relax and connect with your unborn baby. Life is busy, its actually hard to just stop. To clear your mind, to turn off that to do list. Its a skill, and one i love to teach. And then there is the pelvic floor, we all know how important that is. The list of benefits goes on and on. 

However doing all of this together, within a group of women, who are pregnant just like you, creating a community, a network, a safe space….friendships. This is what transforms a pregnancy. This is what is golden. 

So come along and join me.

Huge efforts are going into keeping the studio Covid-secure, enabling our antenatal classes to continue in person. Hypnobirthing weekend courses to follow in November, as well as 4th Trimester Workshops, Postnatal Yoga, Baby Massage and Baby Yoga…its all on its way to Farnham. For those of you who don’t live in or near Farnham, we are still holding classes at The Natural Shower, Bagshot, as well as some virtual online classes. The Question is…where will be next!

Pregnancy Yoga Classes, Tuesday evenings, 18:30-19:30 at The Studio, Durham House Chiropractic Clinic, Farnham, Surrey.

You can book your place below, or alternatively read in more detail about our classes here: UB Academy Pregnancy Yoga

See you there,

Love and Light,

Laura xxx

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