Statements for an Empowering Birth

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I move gently forward through my pregnancy and labour with confidence and trust.

I see my baby’s birth as natural, healthy, swift and easy.

I am practicing so that I am relaxed and calm during labour.

I trust the instinctive process of birth which flows naturally through my body.

My mind leads where my body follows.

My mind is so relaxed, confident and calm.

My body is comfortable, soft and open.

My baby passes gently and healthily into the world.

As I feel my baby moving inside me, my love and connection grow ever deeper.

Birthing is a natural process of my body, my mind, and my spirit, working in unison with my baby.

I acknowledge and trust the innate wisdom of my body and my intuition to guide me through pregnancy, labour, and the birth of my baby.

I practice profound relaxation, and I deepen my confidence and trust.

I am secure in the knowledge that I am fully prepared for a natural, easy and swift birth.

I have confidence that a natural birth is safe for me, and safe for my baby.

I choose the best possible caregivers during my pregnancy and the birth of my baby.

I choose the best place for my baby to be born naturally and calmly.

I enjoy the feeling of natural calm, relaxation and softness that permeates my body.

As I gently progress through labour and birth, I go deeper into relaxation and calmness.

Each breath is slow, long, deep and relaxed.

With each surge I breathe deeply, focus upwards, and work with my body.

With each breath out, I breathe out tension and stress.

With each breath in, I breathe in relaxation and comfort, peace and trust.

I feel positive, confident and optimistic.

I look forward to my baby’s birth.

Throughout my labour I go deeper and deeper within to my innate wisdom and intuition.

I trust that my body and my baby are healthy, relaxed and calm.

My baby naturally moves into the best position for a natural, swift and gentle birth.

Baby knows best.

I feel positive and calm whatever form my birthing takes.

Whenever a negative thought comes into my mind, I imagine a beautiful rose, its colour, its softness, it’s scent.

I trust the natural process of birth working gently through my body and my baby.

Each surge of my body reminds me that I will soon be holding my baby in my arms.

I serenely accept my birthing as just right for me, and for my baby.

I relax more and more deeply as my labour advances and my baby moves closer and closer to birth.

I feel calm, relaxed and at ease.

I am in awe of the miracle of birth.

Everything I hear helps me become more relaxed and calm.

With each surge my breath is slow and deep, my body is relaxed, and my mind is calm.

I trust my body, my instinct, and nature to lead me and my baby gently through labour and birth.

As labour develops, my relaxation deepens and my body softens and opens, wider and wider.

After my baby is born, gently, calmly and healthily, the placenta follows easily and naturally.

My baby moves smoothly into the world, the placenta follows, and my blood vessels close naturally and healthily.

I eat healthily and take care of my body for me and for my baby.

My body and my baby’s body are created the right size to birth naturally.

My baby is born at the right time for a natural, swift and gentle birth.

I have plenty of milk for my baby, and I feed my baby easily and comfortably.

My body is designed to give birth efficiently and easily.

I have chosen to be relaxed, calm and confident during labour.

I make the best and most rational decisions about the birth of my baby.

My baby is born healthy, alert and serene.

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