Congratulations! What a journey it must feel like already! You’ve probably been to your appointments by now & have seen your NHS midwives, told friends & family, but you’re still feeling in need of more support.

This is where UB Academy is here to help.

Through our classes, courses & groups, our experienced midwives will help you to feel more supported and confident as they guide you through these new life experiences.

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UB Academy offers you free midwifery support, where you can chat to a midwife and to other mums.  Take a look at the sessions we can offer you.


Our Antenatal Courses

Our best-selling midwife-led courses will provide you all the tools, information & power for a positive birth experience for you and your partner. During our course we will teach you how to achieve the 5 C's - Calm, Choice, Comfort, Control & Confidence.

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Our Beyond the Bump Workshop

You are about to become a parent! So many emotions of love & happiness, but you will also feel overwhelmed, tired & anxious. Book your place to be prepared for those early days with your baby.

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We had our baby boy Kairo Kasa Stephen Sloane last week. He came 6 weeks early just when I went on maternity leave 💙 Adam ended up delivering the baby with no staff around and I was only given paracetamol they wouldn't give me anything else even though I asked for it. The breathing techniques you taught and I've been practicing everyday kept me alive and going. Without the breathing techniques I don't think I would have survived with the pain I went through and support I got from St Mary's Hospital. Despite the horrible experience I had a normal and natural birth. I didn't have to be induced or anything he just came naturally 🤗 Thank you for teaching me about breathing techniques it got me through it all 😂 xxxxxx

Thameda and Adam

Just wanted to say thank you for the course too. I have found it really informative, reassuring and enjoyable. I definitely feel more empowered and able to make the right choices for me and my baby.

I am hoping I will be able to share a very positive birth experience with you early next year!

Mariana Reis

My husband and I did the online hypnobirthing course with Sally at 20 weeks and it was wonderful. We knew very little about pregnancy/giving birth and ended it feeling confident and informed. At first i thought 20 weeks might be too early but actually I’m glad we did it so soon because it has shaped how we think and feel for the rest of the pregnancy. Doing it with my husband has been great as not only are we both equally informed but we also both know what roles we can each play to make the birth as smooth as possible if all goes well. Sally is very knowledgeable and makes you feel very much at ease and made the whole thing very enjoyable - I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Rebeca Fiadeiro Norton dos Reis

I had been thinking about doing a hypnobirthing course for a little while as I thought anything to help keep me feeling a little more calm and in control during labour was worth a shot!
The course with Sally was great. Not only do we now feel fully equipped with hypnobirthing ‘techniques’, we feel a lot more informed about labour and how my husband can play a huge role in it all.
As Sally is a practicing midwife, we felt reassured in asking more technical questions too.
Although there’s no knowing exactly how my labour story will pan out, I feel confident that whatever happens, I will be able to keep myself in a calm state and will feel totally supported by my husband as he’s also gained so much knowledge from the course.
A big thank you! ☺️

Samantha Kay

The hypnobirthing was super helpful, it has given me tools to help me with the pains I am suffering through pregnancy. This especially came in to play one morning with a trapped nerve, I started panicking there was something wrong but then thought let's relax and listen to my body and the pain went and nothing to worry about. The extra help I was given about sleeping has been really helpful. Dont get me wrong sleep is still a struggle but haven't been on the sofa in the last week at all! Thank you all so much.

Becca Sadler

Sally & Julie were the Hypnobirthing Fairy Godmothers we didn’t know we needed!

I did this course at 19 weeks. The benefit of doing the course so early in our pregnancy means we have the tools to deal with periods of stress & worry that we may go through -not just during labour, but leading up to it too. The information and guidance provided on navigating our birthing experience with tools like Positive Affirmations can never be practiced too early!

The part of the course you cannot put a price on however is the extensive midwifery knowledge that comes with it. The personal and workplace experience, information and advice provided to you by a midwife who’s teaching you how to adapt your thinking & empower you to control your labour experience is invaluable and we will forever be grateful for lockdown bringing us to Underwood Baby Academy virtually for our Hypnobirthing Course.

Manette Pisani